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Explorer Scout Badges


From the age of 14 to 18. Explorer Scouts can aspire to achieving their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and progressing to Queen’s Scout, the highest Award in Scouting. Additionally, the Zodiac Plus Award is a camping challenge for every calendar month of the year; the Explorer Belt is an overseas expedition and community service challenge.

  1. Moving-On Award – Scout Troop to Explorer Scout Unit
  2. Membership Award
  3. Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award
  4. The Chief Scout’s Platinum Award
  5. Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Award
  6. The Chief Scout’s Diamond Award
  7. Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award
  8. The Queen’s Scout Award
  9. Zodiac Plus Award
  10. The Explorer Belt
  11. International, Environment and Values
  12. Moving-On Award – Explorer Scouts to the Scout Network

Staged activity badges

Staged activity badges enable Explorers to participate in six types of activity, from entry-level (stage 1) through to more challenging and advanced levels. Emergency Aid is a core requirement for Awards (above) while Hikes Away and Nights Away are accumulated during expeditions and camps.

  1. Emergency Aid
  2. Hikes Away
  3. Information Technology
  4. Musician
  5. Nights Away
  6. Swimming

Activity badges

Activity badges can be pursued through Scouting and other interests, across a range of physical and creative pursuits reflecting land, air and sea aspects of Scouting.

  1. Activity Centre Service
  2. Air Activities
  3. Athlete
  4. Aviation Skills
  5. Advanced Aviation Skills
  6. Aviation Skills training options
  7. Canoeing
  8. Caving
  9. Climbing
  10. Community
  11. Creative Arts
  12. Hill Walking
  13. Lifesaver
  14. Motor sports
  15. Mountain Activities
  16. Mountain Biking
  17. Nautical Skills
  18. Advanced Nautical Skills
  19. Nautical Skills training options
  20. Navigation
  21. Performing Arts
  22. Physical Recreation
  23. Public relations
  24. Quartermaster
  25. Racquet Sports
  26. Science and Technology
  27. Scouting Skills
  28. Skiing
  29. Snowboarding
  30. Street Sports
  31. Water Activities

Explorer Scout Badges Placement