Cubs Badges

Cub Scout Badges

The first badge that a Cub Scout has is earn is their Membership Badge, by knowing their Promise and Law.

There are 36 Activity Badges that a Cub can earn, from Artist to Home Help to Skater. Activity badges can also be earned through non-Scouting activities, so if you think that you have achieved any badge requirements, talk to a Cub Leader.

There are also 14 staged activity badges, which can be worked on during your entire time in Scouting, from Beaver all the way through to Explorers! These badges are:

  • Air Activities
  • Community Impact
  • Digital Citizen
  • Digital Maker
  • Emergency Aid
  • Hikes Away
  • Musician
  • Nautical Skills
  • Navigator
  • Nights Away
  • Paddle Sports
  • Sailing
  • Swimmer
  • Time on the Water

In addition to these there are seven Challenge awards that can be earned by Cubs. They are:

  • Our Adventure Challenge Award
  • Our Outdoors Challenge Award
  • Our Skills Challenge Award
  • Our World Challenge Award
  • Personal Challenge Award
  • Team Leader Challenge Award
  • Teamwork Challenge Award

The Chief Scout’s Silver Award is the highest award that a Cub can earn. To get this badge, a Cub must gain all of the challenge awards listed above as well as a selection of the staged and activity badges.

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